Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hi Everyone. It's Kate's mom, Pat, writing to you for Kate. I'll try to give you enough information in her blog like she does. She wanted to keep you all up to date about what is happening. Kate went into the hospital in the beginning October to remove fluid from her abdominal cavity. They did put a cannula needle into her abdomen after carefully looking to see where all the fluid was located by an ultrasound imaging. On 10/9 they took out 5 1/2 liters of fluid. She felt so much better. Three days later her MD took out 7 more liters (think 2-liter soda bottles) but it was too much--that much fluid loss pulls fluid from her veins & arteries such that she had severe pain & cramping beyond belief. Her pain meds were increased & she started to feel better but had difficulty eating much more than a couple bites of sandwich or a juice box. They had to change her pain meds because she started hallucinating (without LSD :)) & became very confused. So her pain meds were changed again. After 3 weeks she came home but was having real problems keeping food down--even the special nutrition through her feeding tube. So the radiology doctors had a tube put into her abdomen so she could herself slowly drain fluid from her abdomen so she wasn't in pain on Thurs. But on Friday she couldn't keep anything back to the hospital in Vacaville she went. An X-ray showed she might have an obstruction in her intestine so she had another tube put down her nose & throat into her stomach to drain out bile & fluids (which helps digest food) so she stops throwing up. [Sorry for all the nasty details]. The doctor & a consulting surgeon do not believe the obstruction is cancer--THANK GOD! And it worked! She's able now to take in fluids, jello, & ice chips without losing it all. She's going to have another X-ray tomorrow. The doctors want to see that any closure of her intestines has gone away. Today she was walking around the huge nursing station, talking to everyone & able to stay out of bed for at least 5 hours. We were able to laugh about things & I am so happy to see her back to being close to herself. Her pain meds are in control & she won't leave the hospital until she can take in nutrition by mouth & tube.

I know she thanks all of you for your support, concern & prayers. There is one more step we need to take to fighting her cancer. Yes, they found cancer cells in the fluid taken from her abdomen & her blood tests indicate she has cancer again. Her PET scan & CT scan were inconclusive. Cancer is such a terrible disease--normal cells growing out of control! Her oncologist wants to get her back on chemotherapy once she gets stronger to fight off this disease (chemo worked last year to stop progress of cancer). Rob her husband & all her family are all there to help support her. Please add your support & loving concerns too to this long hard fight.

She would laughingly tell you she's now 196 lbs. & has no fat on her body. She is still our beautiful Kate no matter what size she has become. We're looking forward to having her home soon--maybe before Thanksgiving. Her wonderful sister-in-law is taking over the job of a traditional meal for the whole family. Her grandfather from Arizona is coming to be with her for her birthday on Nov. 30. I won't tell you her age, but it's a major milestone.

I will try to keep everyone updated until Kate can write her own posts--hopefully soon! I'm so proud of her keeping up her will & determination to keep fighting in her own quiet way.
Thank you all for your posts & support! And also to Rob who works long hours & is there for her at the end of the day no matter how tired he has become.
Love to all of Kate's supporters, family & friends.


Michelle Single said...

Be strong, Kate!!!! I wish I could be there physically for you, but please let me know if there is anything I can do. Love u!!!!!

Wanda. said...

I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Lancie said...

We love you Kate. Sending prayers and wishes for you daily. Let us know if you need anything or want some company. Xxxxoooo, Tim and Lancie

barbara77 said...

Thanks very much for the updates, have been thinking of you, Kate, and of your mom, too! (Hi Pat!)
Keep up that strong attitude, sending all my best. xo, Barbara