Saturday, December 4, 2010

Very sad news

This is Pat, Kate's mom, writing again to all of you for Kate. Hi to everyone that has wanted to keep up on what is happening with Kate & our 22 month journey with cancer. I am so sorry to give you bad news that has been coming for some time.

Kate is very sick & the physicians & specialists have all said that there is no further treatment they can do for her. They believe she has pancreatic cancer & that is what has been causing all the secondary problems of vomiting, extreme weight loss & fluid in her abdomen. The best that can be done now & in the future is help her be very comfortable at all times. We don't know when she will pass away from all of us--it just depends upon her body's ability to keep functioning despite her disease. Right now she is able to keep down popscicles & an occasional frappachino (eggnog is her favorite) if she takes it down very slow. Rob, I and her family are all spending time with her in the hospital so she knows she is loved. Right now she is still receiving IV medication for nausea so she will be staying in the hospital at Vacaville Kaiser for the time being. Friends are visiting only for very short periods. Thereafter she will be going to in-home hospice & will be able to be with her loving cats & family at home. Rob & I will learn how to give medications IV & be supervised by the hospice nurses who will be available 24 hrs/7 days & a hospice specialist MD will supervise everything.
I am sure many of you would like to send messages to Kate. I will do my best to make copies of your responses & read them to her or give them to her to read.

I will keep you all updated since I know that all of you care for her & she wants you to know she cares for you too. Keep Kate in your thoughts & prayers.


barbara said...

Hello Kate (and Pat),
Sending my very best to you all. I am so sorry to hear this news, but hope that you will be able to be as comfortable as possible.
I will be thinking of you and writing more notes to you, but I do just want to say that even though we did not get to see each other lately, I am so glad we at least got back in touch! (Thanks, Facebook!) It is sure good to know some of what has transpired in our lives over the years, and fun to share some good memories, too. You have been mentioned fondly at our little high school group get togethers this last year that we had in Jan and in Aug, and I wish we could have done that in person.
Anyway, just sending some love and good memories and well wishes.
Love, Barbara

Anonymous said...

Kate (and Pat and Rob)
I loved seeing you last weekend and knowing you have such a solid friend and family cocoon surrounding you. It has been years since we sat in your bedroom or my bedroom trying to keep warm as my mom never turned on the heat and talking about boys and prom and life and boys but I remember it like it was yesterday. Know that you are loved! And have always been loved! As Barbara said, sending you love and good memories and well wishes. ~ ej

barbara said...

Hello again Kate and family,
Have been thinking of you lots lately, and wanted to let you know that. I am glad that we became friends in high school - so long ago! Remember visiting me in Illinois? I was so glad when you came to see me, that was a tough year. I remember some really cute pictures of us from that visit, we were giggling outta control and I was borrowing your jean jacket for some reason... anyway, good times.

I am sorry that we lost touch for so long, and I know that it was me who did not keep in touch, and I am sorry for that. It has been good to be in touch via facebook, and it is great to see that you have found such a loving husband and extended additions to your family, including the cats! Sounds like you are truly surrounded by people who love you, that is wonderful. And what a network of love coming your way from the cyberworld, too!

Sending my best wishes for comfort and peace. Love, Barbara