Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3rd Chemo Treatment - Last one this round

Hello everyone, here's an overview of the last week. The 2nd chemo treatment wasn't too bad, only one bought of a fever but it only got to 99, so that wasn't bad. Only a few times did I get bone pain, but it wasn't bad either. More nausea seemed like this time, but was controlled with Compazine, so no vomiting. So all in all, not a bad week.

Spent time with the Hollands on Sunday and Emily and I made brownies and had our own girls night with myself, Miss Moomoo and Krystal. Granted the boys were here too, David and Derrick, so it wasn't completely a girls night until they left, but then we went to bed shortly there after. But the next morning I had to go do labs for my chemo appointment on Tuesday so Miss Moo and Krystal went with me to Vallejo. Miss Moo went back into the blood draw room and asked what the tubes colors meant and what was the stuff in the bottom of the one tube. She's so fascinated by all medical things and especially when it has to do with me. So we let her know that the teal topped one was for my coumadin levels, which is how thin my blood is. The Red topped one tests blood chemestry and the yellow one does the CBC panel and the stuff in the bottom of the tube stops the blood from clotting. Miss Moo watched as the tech put the needle in my arm and asked if it hurt, and I told her it felt like a pinch. I told her the tech held the needle against my arm as she took the tubes in and out so that the needle didn't move in my arm and hurt me. She was just so fascinated, it just makes me happy that all this medical stuff doesn't scare her and she can be involved in what happens to me. Although she is a little too excited for my hair to fall out in patches so we can do mohawks and color them, but that's ok, that day will come eventually and she just has to wait.

Tuesday was my final Gemzar treatment for now and mom was there to hang out with me. We set up my next appointments for when I have my 5-FU infusion and I found out that it will most likely start on Sept. 21st and I come in and get the pump hooked up to my port and then I have it in for 5 days and on Fridays I'll get disconnected, so I'll be pump free over the weekends. Then I repeat that process for 5 weeks. During the same 5 weeks I'll be getting radiation everyday, Mon. thru Fri. and my hope is that I don't get the burns and soreness until much later in the process, but I know that it will happen and I'll get through that too regardless of when it starts to hurt.

After we were done mom and I went to Subway and shared a BLT sub for lunch. I've been so very fortunate that my appetite hasn't been too affected by the treatments. Granted I still can't eat very much, but that works to my advantage. At my highest weight I weighed 383, I know, amazing huh? As of yesterday I now weigh 260 almost the same weight I weighed when I met Rob over 10 years ago. I must say it feels wonderful although all my clothes are a bit loose, but I'm ok with that too. The only thing I don't like much is that I get cold pretty fast and easily, but I just bundle up and move on. Yes I will post pictures hopefully today.

So I meantioned my port of which I don't have yet because no one told me to stop taking my coumadin and my INR (clotting rate) was way to high for a surigical proceedure. So I'll be getting my port this Friday. I stopped taking my coumadin and started taking Lovenox injections, which of course aren't that bad, but leave little bruises on my abdomen.

All in all everything has been going ok. I do get tired often and sometimes just spend the day in bed, but when I have the good days I manage to get quite a bit accomplished which is very cool and makes me feel "normal" whatever that

Thanks for everyones support and help through this process and journey, it is greatly appreciated!!!! Rob and I can't thank-you all enough for the prayers and positive thoughts.

Be well,
Until next time,


Tina Sieben, Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

Oh Kate, I just wish I were closer so I could give you a real hug! Please know that I think about you all the time, and am praying that the treatments work. You sound like you have a very positive attitude about it all, and I can tell you, that is the key to beating it! My dad has been having treatments for 2 years, and is doing very well. It's all because of his attitude. He's usually a "glass half empty" guy, but not with this. When he was first diagnosed, I thought we'd lose him within 6 months because he's usually such a "Negative Nellie".

So hang in there my friend! Keep your chin up, and remember that we love you and are praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
thanks for the updates, I always wonder about you and how your doing.. way to go on weight loss, but what a way to do it, you do look like you have lost a lot in your pics. So glad the treatments are going ok for now and you have all the support you have.
Miss you lots

Colleen said...


You have such a way of expressing yourself. It always seems like I am right there with you when I read your blogs. It is so great that Em is intrigued and not scared by medical stuff and that kids are allowed to go more places.

The weight loss is truly amazing. I guess we should get you a snuggie for Christmas. I wonder if they will come out with an electric one to really keep you warm. :)

Take Care and See You Soon!