Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another step has started.

A few things have happened as of late. Mom and I had a good "retail therapy" day on Sunday. We went to the outlets in Vacaville and went to Coldwater Creek. What a cool store, very earthy and all those browns, how could I resist and how did I not know about this place earlier??? It is official, I'm wearing a size 24 in jeans now, I can't remember when or how long it's been since I wore that size, heck I may have even skipped that size, just don't remember. After Vacaville we went back to Fairfield and went to Lane Bryant and I got one of those bras that was shown on Oprah, the one that doesn't give you lines on your back. It's very cool and super comfy. Mom of course remembered that I needed to have labs done before chemo so we raced to Vallejo so I could get my blood drawn and I was ready for Monday.

Monday came and went. The radiology/oncology dept. called me and said their machine was down, so I wasn't able to come in and start radiation. Since I wasn't able to start radiation they didn't want me to start the chemo either. So now it's Tuesday and Rob and I went to radiation. It's just a big x-ray like machine that rotates around to do the top and bottom of my body. Didn't feel anything, just layed there. I've heard that there's a cummlative effect and that it's like a bad sunburn. Oooohhh something to look forward

After radiation Rob and I went to Vacaville to get my chemo. I've started the 5-FU and it's being infused. That means that I have a little pack that's attached to me with a dispensing unit that gives me small doses of chemo. At first I was told that I would have it for 5 days and then I would get disconnected and then hooked up again after the weekend. Not my luck. I'm doing 7 days of chemo, so every Tuesday I'll go in and they will just change the dressing and give me a new pouch of chemo. Oh yeah, so I can't get any of this wet, so showering is going to have to get creative. So far I'm not feeling any effects of the chemo, which is good, but it could be cummlative also, but I'm hoping since it's going in so slow that my body will be ok with it.

It's time. This weekend Rob is going to shave my head, or I should say, buzz my head. Miss Emily will finally get to play with my hair and give me a mohawk and we'll spray it pink. Yes there will be lots of pictures taken, before and after. I think it's time to model my wigs too, so there will be pics of those also.

I know this gets repetitive, but I can't thank everyone enough for all your thoughts and prayers, it really means so very much to Rob and I.

Love you all,


Tina Sieben, Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

Kate I love you. Your strength and courage through all of this has been so inspiring. You truly are a wonderful woman! I am proud of you!

Jen Dickson said...

Glad to hear that you are doing OK right now. I so want to be there for you and especially for the hair party! I love your attitude about the whole thing! You are truly an inspiration and model for others! Way to keep at it! Live strong, darling!

Anonymous said...

What!!!!! I may have more hair than Kate. WWWWHOOOOOO!!!!!

We love you sweeties...

Tim & Lancie

Colleen said...

I had a great time at the mo-hawk party! Can't wait to see the pics! You have the best day at a time you can do this and we will all be there!!!