Friday, September 18, 2009

Another trip to the ER you say???

Wednesday night Rob and I had dinner and I felt like I had over eaten, but I hadn't, and I figured it would just go away. So when you know you've over eaten and then your abdomen gets even tighter and hurts more before it gets better, well it never got better. I made it through the night thinking by morning my body would process and all would be well. Not my luck this time, I could barely bend and getting out of bed was extremely painful. I texted Rob and then I called the advise nurse and of course they say come to the ER immediately.

So we get to the ER immediately and I was checked in within 30 minutes but then sat in the hallway on a gurney for about 6 hours and that's how long it took to get pain medication also. Finally, a wonderful nurse was assigned to me and got me on IV fluids and got pain medication and I had some relief. They did a chest x-ray, CT scan with contrast and then because they couldn't control the pain they admitted me to the hospital. After about 17 hours from the time I got to the ER I finally was in a room and getting constant care.

Shortly there after they took me do an ultra sound and then Dawn from Radiology came over to see if I was up to still getting my port put in. Of course, let's put in the port, I'm here. The port being put in wasn't so bad, hurt a little but over all was ok.

I then spent the next 6 days in the hospital and I saw my oncologist and she believes that my cancer is back and is attacking my liver causing it to enlarge which causes pain. So, our plan is to continue with the treatment we talked about and possibly adding another chemo agent after I'm done with chemoradiation.

I start chemoradiation on Monday and today I have to go in for another CT scan for my radiologist to ensure they are hitting the right spots when I start radiation.

Exciting news: It's nails and toes day!!! Woohoo!!! Mom and I are getting our nails and toes done and spending some time together today. It's a good day!!!

So we got some crappy news and I really haven't digested it all yet, but this damn thing will not take me down, not an option.

Thank-you everyone for all the prayers and positive thoughts, please keep them coming as this journey may have gotten a little longer.

Until next time,


Tina Sieben, Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

if anyone can beat this, YOU can! I have complete faith in that!

Wish I was there with you, I need a pedicure desperately (not to mention a fabulous Kate hug!)

I love you, my friend!

Jen Dickson said...

Live Strong, girlfriend! You can do this! Visualize the evil cancer being gone! Eat healthy, drink lots of water and surround yourself with love (which I know you have a lot of in your life)!

Nicholle said...

So sorry for this set back! Stay strong! My church is praying for you!! If you need anything let me know!


Colleen said...

You Rock! You are so awesome to have such a great way you process things! De-FEET is not an option!

Take Care and See you soon!!!

Kate said...

Thanks for your comments, it really does keep my spirits up and a positive move forward.

Anonymous said...

Hi sweeties, love ya

Tim & Lancie