Thursday, October 22, 2009

Just a little update

Things are going well, my energy is pretty good on most days and all my levels are very good. The only thing that is a little low is my platelets, but they are still ok. Most days I'm up in the a.m. and just get through waking up, taking meds and vitamins and getting ready to get picked up to go to radiation can be quite the chore. As of my last check up with the nurse I'm weighing in at 255 now and I'm pretty sure that's what I weighed when I met Rob in 1999. Amazing huh. It feels awesome even though everything isn't quite bouncing back like I thought it all would. Guess the weight came off too fast. Regardless it makes me happy.

I don't really have any secrets as to how the weight has come off, but I do tend to survive on cheese quesadillas. There's enough cheese in there to make the two sides stick together so pretty low on calories. But they are one of the things that doesn't bother my system and I don't have to take anything. It's kind of an on going joke with mom and I since she thinks I should eat things that have more nutrician in them. But seriously, it really has to do with portion control and I just have a much smaller stomach, so it decides when I'm done even though I would love to eat more, I just can't. Old habits try to sneak in, but I do my best to stop them.

On Tuesday the 27th I was going to be done with radiation and chemo together but I found out yesterday that I have to do so more radiation, an additional week and a half. I guess it's good to do it now, just to keep the process going, but I was really looking forward to it being done. But if the Dr. thinks that I need more who am I to complain.

So that's the latest update. I don't start chemo again until Nov.17th and that's the Gemzar again and possibly another chemo agent. I'll be talking with my oncologist on the 27th to see what the plans are and also get her to give me a PET scan. I would really like to know what's going on in my body rather than all this speculation about whether or not the cancer is back and where it is. Just need to know.

Thank-you, thank-you to everyone for all your prayers and wonderful positive thoughts, we wouldn't be able to get through all of this without all of you.

Until next time,


Tina Sieben, Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

I'm glad you're feeling better and will be getting a break from the chemo! I'm so proud of you for how strong you've been through all of this. You truly are a remarkable woman and I am blessed to know you!

Jen Dickson said...

You are such a strong woman! You can do this! And hey, if cheese quesadillas work, then they do! Now is not the time to argue with your body. You need to care for it and let it fight and if it wants cheese, then that's OK! Listen to your docs, continue with whatever treatment they decide. You will conquer this! I agree on the pet scan - will pray that it is all clear! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

we think and pray every day. Luv ya sweeties.

Tim & Lancie

Colleen said...

Viva la Quesadilla de Queso!!!! LOL I am glad that there is something you can eat that doesn't mess with your system! Bummer about the extra week and a half of radiation but at least a break from chemo will be nice. No more bag buddy for a bit...I bet that will be nice! How exciting!

Keep on keeping on gf!!!