Saturday, October 10, 2009


So what be the fun of having no hair if I didn't have any wigs. We have only named one, if you have any suggestions for the other 2 let's hear 'em. The very top one has a name and that's Lola. Not sure why, but it seems to fit. Lol. I must say that my head is not bumpy at all and it's a pretty good And let's talk low maintenance shall we??? Not that I fussed a lot about myself before, but this put a new spin on low maintenance.


Cathy Maltby The Basement Stamper said...

love the hair! and i do mean all the hair pics, I loke all the wigs too

Anonymous said...

The middle wig one looks kind of like your hair was at some point in high school! lookin' good! And enjoy the experimenting. Who knows what your hair will look like after it grows back! My mom's was curly after she finished chemo!
Take care Kate. - Barbara

Colleen said...

Terrific pics! I like them all but of the wigs I think Lola is the best! However go O'Naturale is beautiful too!