Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some great news

Yesterday started out with getting rid of my chemo pack that was attached to me......woohoo, that alone was exciting.....I'm FREE. I didn't have to worry about when I would get up and go somewhere that I would get reminded that I had a pack that I had to take with me. I looked at my port in my chest and it looks like a bruise. I'm not sure if that's because it is a bruise or that my skin is so pale that you can actually see the color of the port under my skin. The port is purple. Kinda weird.

Next, I had my appointment with my oncologist and Rob and my mom accompanied me so that they could ask questions if they wanted to and to hear what she had to say. We talked about taking some digestive enzymes to help me out with digestion. Digestion is a little harder without my gallbladder and missing apparently a very large portion of my pancreas. Dr. Huang showed us a comparison of CT scans of my pancreas before and after surgery and it's almost half of what I started out with. But everything seems to be working well and it's a good thing I'm not so into sweets these days, might be a little rough on my little pancreas.

Then, Dr. Huang told me that there was one good thing that she saw on my last CT scan when I was in the hospital and it was the margin of the mass inside me and that the margin was shrinking. IT'S SHRINKING!!!! I about busted out of my skin, did a little a dance (I'm dancing, I'm dancing). All I can say as I sit here softly crying is that these are tears of joy and thank-you thank-you for all your prayers because they are working!!!! We will make it through this, without a doubt. I have no doubt!

Now for some more cool news is that I have the entire month of November off from Chemo. I asked Dr. Huang if we can do a PET scan (this scan messures the growth of cells by lighting up the glucose they use to divide and create new cells) and we'll be doing the scan but I have to be finished up with radiation first or it messes up the results of the scan. So I finish radiation on Nov. 6th and then we're going to do the scan the 23rd or 24th of Nov. Then I have a meeting with the Dr. on my birthday (the 30th) and then I start Gemzar chemo again on Dec. 1st.

I was wrong as to how the new sessions of chemo are going to progress, but I get it now. So I still have 9 sessions of Gemzar to go. So it's 3 weeks in Dec. and one week off then another 3 weeks and one week off and then the final 3 sessions. So if my body can tolerate it all and I don't have to skip any weeks I'll be done with chemo on Feb. 9th, 2010. The Dr. did say that this is going to be a little harder on my system and we'll be looking very closely at my lab results, which right now btw ARE AWESOME!!!! So if my counts are too low then we would skip that week and then try again the next week.

I have been so very fortunate to have so little issues compared to what could have happened that this will be the real test of how my body can handle this.

I'm proof that positive thoughts and all your prayers are working so please please don't stop, I love you all so very much and can't say thank-you enough. We are so very blessed to have such awesome family and friends and we wouldn't be in such a great place without all of you.

Until next time,


Anonymous said...

awww praise God!i'm gonna keep praying! a complete healing in the name of JESUS!
love ya

Colleen said...

Woohoo!!! That is awesome news!!! So glad you are free too! You are in a lot of prayers even some with a direct link, lol! Can't wait to see ya!

Anonymous said...
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kimmie said...

Hi! I'm Kimmie. Your last post was a couple of weeks ago and I was just wondering how you are. I was just browsing on stampin up card making as usual when I jumped on your blog. You are so amazing! Of course reading a couple of posts about your life doesn't make me know you but just know that i'm sending you positive thoughts and big big hugs!! Two weeks ago I found out a close friend of mine also has cancer which just made me cry even more - but like you, happy tears! We will fight together!! Take care.