Sunday, December 20, 2009

Just amazing...

So as most of you know I have been slowly or quickly, depending on how you look at it, losing weight and mom and I went and did a little retail therapy at Coldwater Creek Outlet in Vacaville and I now fit into size 18 jeans. I haven't been this size since high school, we're talking over 20 years ago, just amazing. The funny part is that I seem to be more self conscience about my shape, the curves and bumps and lumps of me than when I weighed almost 400 lbs. I'm now somewhere around 235 or so and as chemo continues I will continue to lose weight.

So speaking of chemo I wasn't able to have treatment this last week because my levels were too low. My White Blood Count (WBC) was only .4 which means I don't have the greatest defense against getting sick. I have been very fortunate that no one around me has been sick and I haven't run into anyone being sick in stores and what not. I was thinking that Christmas shopping was going to have to stop and that the online option was it. But I've been out and feeling pretty good.

I have labs tomorrow so I hope that they are good and I can continue my chemo and get this over with. That means chemo on Tuesday and then that completes the first round. I believe I will then have another week off before I start the next round of 3.

This has been a relatively good week, only a little tired, but no bone pain, but achy like I have the flu without having the flu. So let's keep fingers crossed that after treatment that things will be ok and no bone pain, that's the only thing that seems intolerable.

Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and the hats I keep receiving it's very cool, I have quite the collection. I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, may you all be safe and happy.

Until next time, maybe even next year,

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